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To reach the mature company stage, the company must have the necessary infrastructure and team members in place to operate without you - "management by remote control" - as you must now shift your focus from involvement in the day to day operations to forward looking business strategising and activities that create the most value for a company at this most expansive and opportunistic stage of growth.

Some of the challenges mature companies anticipate are:

1. Expansion through Takeovers & Mergers - identifying suitable targets, negotiating the sale and working through the legal processes of a takeover.

2. International Expansion - if conquering markets abroad is a componenent of your growth strategy, there are several ways to achieve this from direct exporting, distributorships and cooperative relationships to opening branch offices and joint ventures. The paramount legal challenge of global expansion relates to compliance with the regulatory and licensing framework of the new market.

3. Expand Output & Reduce Operational Costs through Outsourcing and Partnerships

4. Building Your Team - Giving recognition to key executives and rewarding high performance employees for their continued contributions to the success of the enterprise is on the agenda - they will expect no less.

5. Increasing Brand Awareness - Protecting your intellectual assets is key when you are expanding your market reach.

6. Corporate Restructuring for Asset Protection and Reduction of Tax Liability


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