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Remember the time when you first started your business? Brainstorming business strategy; galvanising your team; building partnerships and alliances; rejoicing at achieving your sales targets...  Now that your efforts seems to have finally paid off and your "project" is starting to look like a viable business, you are ready to take on greater challenges - TO GROW!

Business expansion comes in many different forms. You can choose to expand your business by increasing production capacity; by increasing your distribution channels or even by diversifying into other businesses. Many businesses run into disastrous results when expansion takes place much too quickly and key aspects such as risk management and legal compliance are not addressed.

As legal counsel for small companies in various stages of growth and maturity, we have a good understanding of the "growth challenges" small businesses face. We will ensure that your interest is protected even as you take up the opportunities that will make your business fly.

What We Can Do For You

Profit Sharing - Now that you are finally turning a profit, there is no better time to finally set down IN WRITING the profit sharing arrangements you have made with your business partners. More business partnerships break up over money than you can imagine - Read Case Study: When Partnerships Break Up.

Venturing Out - Expansion into new markets, diversifying product lines, entering into new business alliances and partnerships - brings with it the risk of uncertain outcome. Our role is to help you evaluate the choices you make; negotiate, review or prepare contracts; conduct due diligence checks on potential partners; consider regulatory and licensing issues; in short, we provide immediate access to dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel in uncertain times.

Funding for New Ventures - Sound financial management is critical for any growing business as the financial burdens are larger and the stakes higher. Business loans generally require some form of asset securitization or factoring; and business angels and venture capitalists expect a stake in the business or to share in the equity. Raising capital through any of these means involves a fair amount of risk that we can help you to understand and evaluate.

Compliance and Internal Structures - A growing business inevitably means increasing complexity in your corporate affairs; running foul of the Companies Act is surely one disaster that you would do your utmost to avoid. Our corporate secretarial practice will ensure ongoing regulatory compliance such as timely filing of corporate annual reports and other corporate formalities required by law.

Employment - As your team grows and keeps on growing, we will help you address legal issues relating to termination and discharge, restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements; and regulatory compliance with Ministry of Manpower (MOM)regulations and employment laws.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property - If your intellectual property is valuable to you, there are steps you can take to protect it. We advise on trademark protection which includes preparation, filing, renewal, and prosecution of trademark applications in Singapore and internationally. We provide assistance in selecting trademarks and protect your trademark against third party infringement, false advertising or passing off actions.

Business Strategising & Networks - We provide a trustworthy and confidential sounding board for business concerns, not just legal issues. As lawyers to more than 128 small and medium businesses in various stages of growth and in myriad different industries, we not only offer our experience and insights into how other businesses achieve success; we are also well placed to connect you with potential partners and investors.

Internal Audits and Risk Management - By studying your standard contracts, business operations and administrative processes, we can identify and address potential legal problems before they develop into costly lawsuits or bring your business into disrepute.

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