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These articles have been written to provide you with an understanding of the legal issues that arise most often in business - from choosing the right corporate structure; to protecting your brand; to hiring and managing employees. Our aim is to alert you to the legal pitfalls that may arise in running your business.

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  1. Shareholders' Agreements - What's In It for Me?

  2. Protect your Assets with “Keyman” Insurance

  3. Employee or Freelance Contractor?

  4. Checklist for a Distributorship Agreement

  5. Letters of Intent and What They Achieve

  6. Business Legal Check-Up

  7. Top Ten Legal Tips for Small Business

  8. Read Before Signing

  9. Refinancing in a Recession

  10. Business Succession Planning

  11. Guide to the Lasting Power of Attorney

  12. Hiding Places of the Crocodiles: Contract Review Made Simple

  13. Myth of the Perfect 2 Page Agreement

  14. Top 5 Must Have Documents





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